No More Punctures Use Fug It!

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The Problem…


Saves Time, Money and Creates Safer Driving Conditions!

We will provide you peace of mind that you are protected from breaking down on the side of the road causing you to be late for the kids at school or that very important meeting or having a call out to change your tyre!

According to The Automobile Association 13% of all breakdown callouts are tyre related.

Fug It extends your tyre life by up to 15%, reduces blow outs, improves your fuel consumption by up to 5% and pays for itself as an investment and even continues to save!

The Solution!!!



 Seals from the inside!

Fug It Liquid Tyre Sealant is a proactive gel that is installed into the tyre via the valve.

The centrifugal force of motion evenly spreads the sealant creating a Thixotropic protective layer on the inside tread area of the tyre.

In conjunction with gravity these forces attach and stick the sealant to the riding surface of the tyre, protecting the tyre from natural air loss and instantaneously repairing punctures whilst the vehicle is in transit.

Tube and Tubeless Protective Tyre Sealant Our formula originates from a similar one dating back to the 2nd World War

It is currently in its 19th generational upgrade.

And is in keeping with today's environmental conditions as well as being cost effective.

In 1996 our product was awarded the 12th international award of quality held in France.

Fug It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our loyal customers and to preserve the environment with our eco-friendly tyre protective sealant.