Fug It Company Profile

Our focus on consumers is based on the Tyre Retailers, Motor Spares Outlets, Vehicle Service Centres, Motorcycle Industry and the Cycle Retailers.
Our mission and vision for Fug It is to become the most trusted and well know tyre sealant brand name Globally.

We have been manufacturing since 1995 and have become one of the world’s premier Tyre sealants.
Fug It has been put through numerous test beds and has stood the test of time amongst our competitors.

Continuous involvement into the UK and Africa has moulded our sealant to the award winning product it is today.

We are well on our way to become the world’s premier effective tyre sealant of choice.

Our goal is to create more awareness on safer driving conditions for all as well as peace of mind that you and your car are protected.
It is imperative to choose Fug It as one can see the massive savings to be had when using our sealant.