What is FUG-IT?  Saves Lives? Saves Money?

FUG-IT is a South African manufactured, Mono-Ethylene Glycol base liquid Tyre Sealant that is installed via the valve of the tyre. The tyre sealant consists of three major categories: Liquid carriers, Filling agents and Bonding Adhesives.

1) Carrier;Mono Ethylene Glycol combined with various thickeners and chemicals to form a consistent evenly spread, protective layer of tyre sealant, on the inside tread part of tyre casing.

2) Fillers; Clays, Natural Fibers and Rubber Grouting. This combination is what forms a permanent flexible plug in the event of a penetration by foreign object, similar to a tubeless plug used by tyre fitment centers to repair a puncture.

3) Adhesives and Curing Agents; a combination of hardening chemicals are used to assist and to cure the flexible plug. This allows the continuous mending during the journey while in transit.

Why do you need Fug-it?        

FUG-IT is designed for:

Safety and Improved vehicle road holding

Most people forget about their tyre until something goes wrong. The truth is: tyres lose pressure daily. In cool weather, a tyre will typically lose 0.5 to 1kg of air pressure per month. In warm weather, tyres lose even more air because of the expansion of the small porous holes in the tyre casing. That’s why it’s recommended that you check air pressure every other time you stop to fill up your fuel tank.

It has been proven that when your tyre pressure is correct and maintained your tyre contact area will be maximized leading to improved road handling and stopping ability on the road. This feature of Fug-It will ensure an increased safety level during your travels. Moreover your tyres will experience less wear and tear, by keeping the correct manufacturers profile which leads to better road holding.

  1. Extend Tyre Life up to 20%

Treated tyres with sealant will maintain air pressure up to 10X longer than untreated tyres. The sealant forms a protective layer, on the inside of the tyre casing and seals the porous holes.

Reduces uneven Wear and Tear by keeping the correct profile maximizing tyre life.

By keeping your tyres at their correct pressure, running costs will be reduced. Under inflated tyres are prone to overheating, use more fuel and wear out quickly. Likewise, over inflation can shorten tyre life, reduce grip and cause steering problems.


A tyre which is 20% under- inflated can give 20% less mileage. That means a loss of (8,000 km) on a potential (40,000 km).
EMISSIONSLow tyre pressure increases both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  1. Prevention of punctures and blowouts

Tyres operating at the correct profile lead to less drag (friction), on the road surface. The tyre will run at cooler temperatures, which reduce the chances of blowouts.

In treaded tyres the sealant spreads the heat from the Hot Spot on the tyre, evenly through the sealant acting  Hot Spots Is normally associated as the weaker part of the tyre, and by the heat from the Hot Spots being transferred to the sealant, greatly reduces the chances of a blowout.

When a penetration into the tyre takes place, the escaping air, forces the   sealant        through the fractured hole, caused by the penetration. The sealant carries the various fibers, clays, and rubber grouting to intertwine and instantaneously form a flexible plug (very much like trimming your fringe over a hand basin with no plug and the hairs clogging and blocking the drain outlet, preventing the water to flow). By the weight of the car and the operating temperature of the tyre, the liquid is squeezed/pressed out of the plug. Only the newly formed plug stops the air from escaping. The combination and the adhesive agents, allows the curing process to take place, to prevent the potential tyre break down.

  1. Tyre Rot /Perished? CPK 

The Sealant has chemicals, continuously conditioning the tyre and retarding the ageing effect on tyres.

How does FUG-IT Work?

FUG-IT is installed quickly and easily through the valve stem. The average installation is just a few minutes per tyre!

When the vehicle is driven, the fluid action of the sealant causes the entre inside treaded surface area of the tyre to be coated with FUG-IT evenly. The thixotropic properties in FUG-IT allow the sealant to attach itself to the inner casing of the tyre. Due to centrifugal forces FUG-IT suspends itself to this area whilst 10% of the applied amount, continuously patrols the covered area, ready to act and to repair any occurring puncture.

It’s that simple. The tyre is now protected from any puncture or other leaks for the remaining legal life of the tyre!

FUG-IT Technical Aspects:

The sealant maintains correct air pressure, thus the correct profile of tyres, allowing the tyre to run up to 20% cooler preventing the chances of blow-outs.

In the event of a puncture, the centrifugal force of the rotating tyre and internal higher air pressure, forces the sealant into the hole.  A permanent seal is formed in the fracture where the hole is filled with microscopic fibers, clays, fillers and adhesives. The escaping air pressure, weight of the vehicle together with the memory of the tyre infrastructure, creates the forming of a perfect permanent flexible plug while the vehicle is in transit.

In the event of a puncturing object being found, after removing the object, immediately continue to drive the vehicle for at least 3- 5 km. This allows the sealant to rotate and repair the puncture as seen above. Once this has taken place, the seal is permanent and will last for the life of the tyre.

Should the puncturing object be found after the vehicle has been standing for a long period of time, drive the vehicle before removing the puncturing object to allow the sealant to coat and evenly spread throughout the affected area.  After about 5km, remove the puncturing object and continue to drive for 3-5km.

FUG-IT tyre life enhancer easily seals holes up to 6mm in the tread part of the tyre in a normal dosage application amount.  A puncture that occurs while in transit will seal almost instantly and very little air will be lost before a permanent seal is made.



Q: What is Fug-It?

A: Fug-It is a proactive tyre sealant and tyre life enhancer. Fug-It is a Glycol

based liquid that when installed will provide full protection against air loss

for the legal life of the tyre! Fug-it repairs tread punctures and extends

the life of a tyre by maintaining tyre pressure, therefore reducing uneven

wear by up to 15% and making the tyre more economical! Saves fuel by

maintaining the correct pressure and therefore reducing the running costs!


Q: How does Fug-It work?

A: The tyre pressure within the tyre forces the sealant through the

punctured hole, as the tyre rotates and strikes the road surface, the hole is

stretched open allowing polyethylene chips and fibres to enter and form a

permanent flexible seal, plugging the affected area whilst in transit!


Q: Will Fug-It seal sidewall punctures?

A: No! Fug-It will only temporarily seal the sidewall, as the sidewall of the

tyre flexes too much and this does not allow Fug-It to cure correctly! If

this occurs, the tyre should be replaced! The AA does not approve of any

sidewall repairs!


Q: Does Fug-It create a hard plug in the tread of the tyre?

A: No, the seal is designed to be flexible due to the tyre being flexible and if

the plug was hard, leakage will occur when the tyre rotates and flexes!


Q: Will Fug-It block the tyre valve whilst it is been installed?

A: Occasionally, a polyethylene chip will tumble into the valve area creating

a blockage! When this occurs, remove the connector of the pump from the

valve, permit a short blast of air to clear the blockage or alternatively use a

paper clip to clear the blockage, then re-attach the connector and continue



Q: Will Fug-It rust the inner rim or tyre valve?

A: No! Fug-It contains an anti-corrosive agent which prevents corrosion and



Q: Must an intrusive object (nail, screw, etc.) be removed from the tyre?

A: Yes always! Fug-It will seal around the object, but as the tyre rotates,

movement occurs, making the hole larger and therefore Fug-It will only seal

temporarily! If the object is a screw, unscrew it, as yanking it out will only

damage the steel belt within the tyre! The vehicle should be driven after the

object has been removed, allowing the Fug-It to spread evenly and create a



Q: Must the tyre be run after the intrusive object has been removed?

A: Yes, as the centrifugal forces need to spread and coat the effected

area for the seal to be permanent! The vehicle needs to be driven for at

least 5km after sealant has been installed and if not, the tyre will lose air



Q: Can Fug-It be installed against truck tyre pressure, using a hand pump?

A: Yes, but it would be easier to reduce the pressure to approx. 3 – 4 Kpa

and once the Fug-It has been installed, the tyre can be re-inflated to the

correct pressure! To maximize the benefits of Fug-It, this step should

preferably be done on fitment of new tyres!


Q: Can Fug-it be pneumatically installed?

A: Yes it can, a 9L pneumatic applicator is available, which can be used in

conjunction with an air compressor.


Q: Does Fug It cause wheel-balancing issues?

A: No, a slight settling vibration will occur for the first 5 kilometres of your initial journey that will subside once the liquid has completely coated the inner tread area of the tyre. Assuming correct installation and application amount has been adhered to.


Q: Will Fug It affect tyre sensors?

A: No, when installed correctly Fug It will not touch the rim or tyre sensor inside the tyre. If liquid happens to come in contact with the sensor affecting the tyre pressure reading, one simply needs to wash and wipe off with water as Fug It is water soluble.


Q: How does Fug It benefit with run flats?

A: Fug It creates a permanent flexible plug for the legal life of the tyre maintaining air pressure and driving ability. Run Flats will only be a temporary repair until they are repaired and your road holding ability is affected negatively.


Q: Will Fug It affect tyre pressures inflated with nitrogen/helium?

A: No, Fug Its eco-friendly properties renders the liquid chemically inert making it non-reactive to other chemicals or gases. Thus maintaining tyre pressure regardless of gas usage.

Q: Does Fug-It gather in the bottom of a tyre, if tyre is not in motion?

A: No, Fug-It is a thixotropic gel that attaches itself to the inside of the tyre

tread and remains in place at all times. However, 10% of the sealant will

run to the bottom if the vehicle is stationary for extended periods of time,

but will spread evenly within the first 5km of driving the vehicle again!

Please note: A slight spreading vibration may be felt between 90 – 120KPM

for a short period of time, while the liquid spreads!


Q: Will Fug-It seal tyres with inner tubes?

A: Yes, Fug-It has a 80% success rate in tyres with inner tubes! However,

the intrusive object will have to be removed or the object could tear the

inner tube as the tyre rotates. If this happens, the repair will be temporary

and the tube will need to be repaired or replaced!


Q: Will Fug-It chemically react with the tyre?

A: No, Fug-It is chemically inert. Depending on the risk factors and usage, it

may have to be topped up from time to time!


Q: Will Fug-It dry out inside of a tyre?

A: No it will not.


Q: Is Fug-It affected by extreme temperatures?

A: No, Due to Fug-it being a Glycol base, which allows Fug-it to operate under

extreme temperatures.


Q: Is Fug-It water dispersible?

A: Yes it is, since there is no chemical bonding of Fug-It to the tyre, it can

be easily removed from the tyre by spraying the inside of the tyre and

simply washing it out.


Q: In what quantities can Fug-It be purchased?

A: Fug-It is supplied in 250ml, 500ml, 1L bottles, 25L and 210L drums.


Q: What is the shelf life of Fug-It?

A: The shelf life of Fug-It is practically indefinite, as long as the container is

sealed and no evaporation occurs.


Q: From where can Fug-It be purchased?

A: Fug-It can be purchased directly from Fug-It or alternatively from any

of our area agents and selected tyre retailers, motor spares retailers and

cycle / motorcycle retailers. (Please contact us for a list of suppliers in your



Q: Who should be using Fug-It?

A: Farmers, trucking fleet owners, mining companies, forestry companies,

Police, municipalities, golf courses, game farm owners, cyclists and many

many more!!