250ml Fug It Cycle Tubeless Mix

250ml Bottle Fug-It Tyre Sealant - white

Quantity: 250ml

Colour: White

New and Improved Fug It Cycle Tubeless Mix is ideal for the Cycle Industry

250ml Fug It Bottle DIY


Quantity: 250ml

Colour: Blue

Multipurpose tyre sealant in an easy to use bottle format on all pneumatic tyres.

500ml Fug It Bottle DIY


Quantity: 500ml

Colour: Blue

Use the Fug It 500ml bottle to treat and protect your quads, caravans, bikes and off-road vehicles

1 Litre Fug It Bottle DIY


Quantity: 1000ml

Colour: Blue

Bulk 1 litre Fug It is ideal for treating multiple tyres at a time as well as larger vehicles

25 Litre Fug It Drum


Quantity: 25 000ml

Colour: Blue

Perfect for installation on vehicles in workshops and dealers

Use in conjunction with Stainless Steel Application Pump to apply exact measurements of Fug It per tyre

Stainless Steel Application Pump


Quantity per stroke: 200ml

High quality stainless steel application pump connects to 25 litre drum 

Marked indications to apply exact amounts of liquid into tyres

Cycle Tubeless Conversion Kit


Fug It’s Cycle Tubeless Conversion Kit has been designed for puncture free riding when used in conjunction with Fug It’s Cycle Tubeless Mix

Equipped with double-ribbed sealing strip with independent valves and instructions to convert 2 tyres to tubeless